How to insert multiple links in your Instagram and TikTok bio links

Drive more traffic to your website or your social media profiles with a Link Collection.

Are you an Instagram or TikTok user looking to take your profile to the next level? Urly can help you do that, using our Collection feature!

What is a “link in bio”?

A "link in bio" is a clickable link on your Instagram or TikTok profile that takes people to a page of your choice. It could be your website, a page about a service you offer, or a landing page about an upcoming product. Having a link in your profile is a great way to drive more traffic and get more eyes on your content.

Unfortunately, both Instagram and TikTok only let you put one single link in your profile. So, if you want to link your website home page and, for example, something else such as your YouTube channel, you're out of luck.

Link Collections by Urly

Don't worry! There's an easy way to fix that. You can create a Link Collection on Urly.

A link collection is just a page with a series of links that you can completely customize: you can put as many links as you want, and if you're a Urly Plus subscriber you can also adjust many other graphical settings.

Creating a link collection is free, you only need a Urly account. Head over to our sign up page and start creating your link collection for free!

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