Please note that the following Terms of Use and Privacy Policy have been translated into English for your convenience only. The legally binding text is viewable in the Italian version of this website. You must be able to understand and accept the legally binding text before you can use the Web Site.

Please read the entire content of this page. Any use of the Service implies the complete acceptance of the conditions of use and the terms on privacy and cookies listed below.

Terms of Use

1. Definitions

The following terms will be used in this document, the meaning of which is given below.

  • Account: the user login that can access, via email address and password, to their reserved area on the Website, through which you can manage your own content and settings.
  • Reseller: the online reseller of the Service, also referred to as Official Seller, is Market Ltd based at Judd House, 18-29 Mora Street, London EC1V 8BT.
  • Service: the functions offered by through its Website, as described below in point 3.
  • Website: this website, reachable at the web addresses,,
  • User: the natural person who acts on the Website by visiting its pages and interacting with them.

2. Subject of this contract

  1. This agreement concerns the use of the functions offered by the Website. The conditions of use are valid and effective until they are modified or integrated. Any such changes or additions will be effective from the date on which they will be communicated to the public through this page.
  2. By using the Service you fully accept the conditions of use and the privacy terms; the User agrees to verify at each access any changes or additions to the conditions of use themselves, which may be modified at any time without notice.

3. Service description

Urly is a redirect service that associates a unique identification code to a URL entered by the User which redirects to the specified URL, or to a series of different URLs depending on the device in use by the User who visits them. The Service also includes the ability to publish pages with collections of multiple links, allowing customization of graphical and aesthetical elements.

4. Registration and login

  1. Users can create an account independently through the "Register" page, by entering their personal data (name, e-mail address, password), confirming that you fully accept the following terms of use and, optionally, agreeing to receive occasional updates on the functionality of the Service via email.
  2. By registering, the User agrees to provide correct and truthful data.
  3. Registration is not mandatory to use the basic functions of the Website, but by registering it is possible access more features (history of shortened links, possibility to create link collections, etc.).

5. Free and paid Accounts

  1. Subscription to the Service automatically involves the creation of a free Account. This account does not expire.
  2. To access additional features offered by the Service, it is necessary to upgrade the level of your Account from free to paid. A Paid Account is also referred to as "Urly Plus" within the Service. The features reserved for paid users are indicated by the words "Upgrade to Plus".
  3. Payment processing and sale are carried out by the Reseller, who also handles related inquiries to orders and returns. The terms of use and the Reseller's privacy policy can be viewed at the following link:
  4. You can subscribe to a paid plan using monthly or annual billing.
  5. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Features reserved for paid Accounts will continue to be available until the end of the current billing cycle. At the end of it, the Account will continue to exist in the form of a free Account. Therefore, access to every feature reserved for paid accounts will be inhibited, until a paid re-registration is made.

6. Disclaimer

  1. The Service for users without an Account or with a free Account is provided to you as is, free of charge, without any kind of express or implied warranty.
  2. The Service for users with a paid Account is provided with the sole guarantee that in case of permanent interruption of the Service, unused monthly or yearly payments of the subscription are reimbursed used, with the exception of the case provided for in point 7.3 of these conditions of use.
  3. The Service disclaims any kind of liability arising from the use of the service, including loss of earnings or loss of money. No guarantees are provided regarding the reliability or the so-called uptime of the service.
  4. The User, with or without a free or paid Account, assumes any responsibility for the contents that publishes, generates, shares through the Service.

7. Prohibited content

  1. It is expressly forbidden to create, insert and publish links to other websites containing illegal material under Italian, German, European or international law or with content reserved for a adult public, or in violation of copyright and audiovisual piracy laws, or for the purpose to disseminate unwanted advertising (so-called "spam"), or with misleading content or with the purpose of steal or extort confidential information, credentials, passwords, confidential data, sensitive data (so-called "phishing"), or with the aim of introducing or facilitating the intrusion into IT and telematic systems, including those of third parties.
  2. The User undertakes not to create links to internal pages of external websites or content hosted by them (such as, for example, images, videos, documents, other types of archives) that expressly deny this form of link, which is called hotlinking.
  3. The inclusion of prohibited contents may cause the deletion of those, even in a massive and/or automated form, as well as the blocking of IP addresses and/or the deletion or blocking of the Account, whether free or paid, which has them generated. In the case of an Account suspention, as a precaution, all the contents generated by that account can be deleted as well. In the case of a paid Account, the relevant subscription can be terminated immediately without any possibility of reimbursement of any future monthly payment already paid.
  4. These blocks and eliminations will be carried out at the sole discretion of the moderators of the Service, who do not publicly share the methodologies used to identify and/or catalog any non-content allowed in order not to assist incorrect use of the Service.
  5. The Service does not apply prior content moderation. All content created by Users, with or without of Accounts, free or paid, are not subjected to any moderation before their publication. From the moment the user completes the operation of publishing or shortening a link or other content, he is assumed all responsibility for the fact that such content will be immediately publicly visible on the web.
  6. The reporting of content contrary to these terms of use can be made through the Contact methods indicated in these terms of use in point 10, as well as any "report" or "flag" links present in the offending pages.
  7. In order to ensure an efficient service for all users and in order to prevent abuse, a rate limiter can be activated at any time in order to limit the number of requests; for example, the maximum number of links that can be shortened in a certain period of time.

8. Content Advertising and Changes to the Service

  1. When creating, inserting and posting links it is important to check that the addresses entered do not contain personal data or other sensitive information (such as, but not limited to: passwords, tokens, secret codes, personal data, sensitive data or private information of any kind).
  2. The links created with the Service are to be understood in the public domain as anyone can easily reach them even casually, without knowing the code of the link in advance.
  3. The possibility of inserting a password to protect a link or a collection of links is to be understood for the simple purpose of limiting the display of such content. Entering a password does not guarantee that it cannot be disclosed by third parties or randomly guessed even through brute-force techniques. Entering a password does not imply any additional encryption, encryption or protection with respect to contents for which it is entered or the password itself.
  4. The Service may be suspended, interrupted or modified at any time. In case the Service is interrupted definitively, the subscription of any paid Accounts will be terminated and any monthly payments not used will be refunded.
  5. The Service reserves the right to add advertising to the pages of the Website and to those relating to the contents created by the User, without any obligation of remuneration towards the user himself. The contents of the Website, including the contents generated by the Users, may be subject to modifications, alterations, deletions and additions to any type, including automatic (by way of example, the addition and removal of parameters of the so-called query string from shortened URLs, including for commercial, tracking, statistical, referral purposes) for any purpose and without any obligation of notice, notice or remuneration.
  6. If the contents created through the Service (for example: shortened links, link collections, etc.) are used publicly by companies, associations, public or private entities, brands, public figures or famous people through their public websites or public web profiles (for example: profiles on social media, profiles on mobile applications, etc.) or on printed material or on audiovisual content transmitted through any existing or future medium (for example: television, radio, internet) the operators of the Service are authorized to publish the name and/or the logo of such entity or person, even for commercial purposes and without expecting anything from it, both on the Website and on other websites of the same operator, in order to indicate that such entities or characters have made use or chosen the features offered by the Service.

9. Links to external sites

The Website contains links to external websites. The contents of external sites are not linked or affiliated with any way to the Service, therefore we decline any kind of responsibility regarding their contents, theirs security or their privacy policies.

10. Contacts

  1. For any request or complaint, the User may contact the Service through the methods indicated on the page "Contacts" or through the PEC address indicated in the privacy policy.
  2. Contact requests can be made in Italian or English.
  3. Requests received in other forms will not be taken into consideration.

11. Applicable law and competent court

This contract is regulated by the Italian law. Any dispute relating to it will be the responsibility of the Court in which the Consumer has his residence or domicile, if located in the territory of the Italian State, or of the Court of Bologna if the Consumer has his residence or domicile outside the territory of the Italian state.

Privacy Policy

Personal Data Controller

Hexation S.r.l.
Via Giuseppe Rolli, 8/B
40129 Bologna ITALY

VAT No.: IT03735511200
Share capital: 10.000 €
REA No.: BO-542527
PEC address: [email protected]

Please note that the PEC address can only receive correctly signed italian certified mail messages, coming from valid PEC addresses.

Collected data

The Service collects data through the so-called cookies and implementation of third-party services. Data can be provided independently by the User, for example when creating an Account, or collected in an automated manner also through third-party services.

If a data is marked as "mandatory", the User is required to provide it to use the Service. If a data is marked as " optional", the User can freely choose not to provide it without compromising the features offered.

In case of doubts as to whether or not the data is mandatory, you can contact us as indicated in point 10 of the Terms of Use.

The User assumes responsibility for any personal data of third parties published, shared or obtained through the use of the Service; also guarantees to have all the rights necessary to communicate and / or disseminate them, releasing the Data Controller from any responsibility.

Data processing methods

  1. The Owner undertakes to take appropriate security measures in order to limit and prevent access, the dissemination, modification and / or destruction of Personal Data by unauthorized parties. The treatment is carried out through the use of electronic, IT and / or telematic tools. In addition to the Owner third parties may also obtain access to the data, such as personnel, employees, legal offices, service providers, technicians, hosting providers, communication and advertising agencies, as well as the Reseller of the Paid Service.
  2. The processing of data is necessary for the provision of the Service as described in the Terms of use, as well as to fulfill legal obligations, for public interest or for the pursuit of legitimate interest of the owner or third parties.
  3. The processing of data takes place at the operational headquarters of the Data Controller as well as any other place where the activity necessary for the provision of the Service is carried out.
  4. The User's personal data could be used by the Owner for a defense in court, in all of them the stages of the procedure.
  5. Some data are collected automatically in order to guarantee the security of the data and the infrastructure of the service. This data, commonly referred to as "system log", may include personal data such as the IP address.

Data Retention

  1. The Owner undertakes to keep the Data only for the time necessary to provide the Service.
  2. Storage for longer times could be necessary in case of treatment for legitimate interest of the Data Controller, or by imposition by the Italian or foreign public authority, or by supervening obligations of law or regulatory changes.
  3. At the end of the retention period, the Personal Data will be deleted. For this reason, at the end of that period, the rights of access, deletion, modification can no longer be exercised.
  4. In case of non-activity of the account or in case of missing verification of the account data (for example not having confirmed the email address) the Account will be deleted with all related data in an automated manner.


The Service uses so-called "cookies", or tools for tracking and storing information, which are necessary to carry out the activities of the Service.

The User can independently manage cookies by deleting them through the settings of his browser. Always through these settings, the user can deny consent to the installation of all or only cookies in advance third party cookies. It is recommended to consult the guide of your browser for more information.

Third Party Services

Personal data, as well as cookies and the information contained therein, may be shared or collected automatically from the following third parties.

  • Cloudflare Inc.: data relating to the User's browsing, the pages opened and the log data. Read the related information at
  • Google Ireland Limited: usage data of the Service for statistical and advertising purposes. Google uses the data personal data collected in order to monitor and analyze the use of the Service, generate reports and share it with other services developed by Google. Read the related information at
  • Market Ltd: user data relating to payment methods, as well as other analysis data the behavior of the User or the characteristics of the device with which he accesses the service in order to assess the reliability of payments. Read the related information at
  • This site or product includes IP2Location LITE data available from

Your rights

At any time the User, by contacting the Service in the manner indicated in point 10 of the conditions of use, has the right to:

  • withdraw consent to the processing of their data;
  • oppose the processing of their data if they are processed by the Data Controller for its legitimate interest or if they are processed for direct marketing purposes;
  • access your personal data and receive a copy;
  • rectify their personal data by communicating changes and updates in this regard.

Last update of this document: April 9, 2022