Creating collections

Creating a collection allows you to post multiple links on a single page. It is useful to have a single URL that links to several pages, which can be changed multiple times.

A collection can be inserted as a "link in bio" on social apps such as Instagram and TikTok. This way you can get a landing page for users who open the link on your profile. Insert all your pages, links to your other social media, and so on.

To create a collection, you must be registered.

List your collections

You can view all the collections you have created in the Collections section of your dashboard.

You have no limitations on the number of collections you can create. For example, if you manage multiple pages or profiles on social networks you can create a different collection for each of these.

Creating a collection

From the list of your collections, click on the Create a collection button. On the next screen you will have three tabs: Options, Links and Customize. A preview box will let you see how your collection will look like at a glance.


From the Options tab, choose a title for your collection (required) and, if desired, enter a textual description.

Custom URLs

Urly Plus subscribers can choose a custom URL for their collection. All custom links start with and they must be at least 6 characters long. They can only contain letters, numbers, dashes and underscores.

Custom URLs are given on a first come, first served basis. Each Urly Plus user can reserve up to 5 custom URLs.

You can change or remove your custom URL at any time. Please be aware that by removing a custom URL from a collection you make it available again for any other user. Since your collection link will revert back to its random URL, you could potentially break links to your collection already published on other websites.


If you are subscribed to Urly Plus you can protect your collection with a password, which will be requested from visitors before they can view your collection.


From the Links tab you can manage all the links that you want to display in your collection. For each one:

  • enter the name that will be displayed to users (for example "My home page");
  • enter the URL of that page;
  • click and drag up or down the slider on the left to reorder the links.

Once you have published the collection, you will see a counter for how many times visitors have clicked each one of your links.


If you are subscribed to Urly Plus you can freely customize the graphic style of your collection.

  • the Card Color is the background of the page main box, which contains the title and the links;
  • the Title Color is for the title of the collection and the description (if any);
  • the Link Color is for the text of the links in your collection;
  • you can choose a Background Fill Mode:
    • Flat for a single plain color;
    • Horizontal for a horizontal color gradient;
    • Vertical for a vertical color gradient;
  • in case of a flat color you can choose the Fill Color, but if you choose a gradient you can pick a Start and an End Color.

The Reset Colors button lets you restore your collection to the default colors.

Any other questions? Do you need help? We’re here to help.