Legacy APIs

Warning: the following APIs are deprecated and they are kept alive to keep some old existing apps running. Therefore, no new access keys will be issued. The following documentation is kept for historical reasons.

APIs version 2

It is possible to interface Urly with other services and applications using the following API set. You'll need a secret API key.

In order to create a shortened link, you have to supply the following URL:


in which KEY is your own secret key and ADDRESS is the original long URL that you want to shorten (the leading https:// in the URL to be shortened isn't mandatory).

The output is served in plain text (text/plain) and is the shortened link URL. For example:


An error code is preceded by the underscore symbol _ and can be one of the following list:

Error Description
_NO_API_KEY You didn't pass your secret key using apik=KEY.
_BANNED_API_KEY The key you passed doesn't exist or it was banned from Urly.
_NO_API_VERSION You didn't pass the API version using apiv=2.
_UPDATE_API The API version you're using is not available anymore. You need to update your application.
_NO_URL You didn't pass any URL to shorten.
_INVALID_URL You passed a wrong or malformed URL.
_ANTIFLOOD_WAIT Your application's user must wait some seconds before creating another link.
_INVALID_IP Our servers could not detect the user's IP address. The link can't be shortened for security reasons.
_INTERNAL_ERROR Generic internal error. We couldn't shorten your link.

APIs version 1

APIs version 1 are now deprecated, but they're still available. They're equivalent to APIs version 2, with the difference that only the ID of the short link (e.g. 2t5k) is returned, instead of the whole short link (e.g. https://urly.it/2t5k).

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